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some of our owner stories

testimonials from our puppy owners

"Ned was our first Aussie when Kerry lived in Tasmania.  He had the most amazing temperament and was a fabulous addition to our family"


"Kerry has been the best breeder I’ve come in contact with - and there’s been a few! She was  willing to answer my abundance of questions & was very accommodating around the days we could come to visit. Being brought up around many different animals, Eddie has amazing manners around other pets, and made a best friend out of our German shepherd instantly. Kerry’s passion for breeding exceptional quality animals is undeniable. I mean, who can complain when an 8-week old puppy comes to you almost toilet trained! If you’re considering buying a puppy from Kerry, we absolutely recommend it. He/she will come to you as a happy & healthy bundle of joy, from her family to yours.

Eddie 3 0323.jpeg
Eddie 2 0323.jpeg

"FLYNN joined our family when all the kids had moved out.  He brought so much joy and laughter to the household"

Flynn 0323.jpeg
Flynn2 0323.jpeg
Flynn 3 0323.jpeg

"We have had 2 Aussies from Kerry and could not recommend her enough.
Both our dogs had/have fantastic temperaments, were so easy to train, and became family members easily and have as much to offer as they love a jog and a walk and are very safe to leave at home on their own."

"I fell in love with Ryka when I saw this photo on Kerry's website. Our wonderful journey with rykA began on this day.  moments after he landed in melbourne he was so relaxed 

Ryker 1.jpeg
Ryker 2.jpeg

ryka settled so well into all aspects of his new life.  Obedience training, farm life, caravanning, beach life, and most importantly family life loving all those around him

Ryker 4.jpeg

ryka with his best friend & mentor Mack sharam black magic).
to say ryka is a relaxed, chilled, joyful dog is an understatement!"

Ryker 5.jpeg
Ryker 7.jpeg

gallery from our puppy owners

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